Words galore

Today (I know it’s past midnight, but I’m still counting it as Wednesday since I’ve not slept and started a new day yet), I’ve managed to write over 5,000 words. My total count on NaNo is now 9250, meaning I’ll easily break 10k tomorrow which is… Amazing to me. Seriously! I’m so ridiculously impressed with myself. I’m well ahead of the suggested target count and can therefore afford a day of brain freeze if it should happen. Hopefully it doesn’t, since I have the next chapter(s) more or less planned out.

It should be noted I haven’t actually read back any of the stuff I’ve written so far. I’m genuinely scared to do so because I have a feeling it’s not going to be what I want it to be. Which will be quite counter productive. Sometime this weekend I’ll let Boyfriend read and maybe one or two other people so that I know that the story is actually developing. For all I know I’m just narrating a bunch of nothing that’s going nowhere. But reading it myself… Not ready for that yet.

Boyfriend is trying to stop me (not quite successfully) from checking the NaNoWriMo Facebook page. I saw a person on there who updated saying she’d hit 24k earlier this evening. Insanity!

This is going far smoother than I feared, for now. It’s only the third (fourth when I wake up) day in, so it could still stagnate. But so far my brain is being compliant and throwing ideas at me every once in a while. I’ve had to stop typing to grab my notebook and take some notes before starting again so it won’t slip my mind. It’s taking some interesting turns I didn’t see coming yesterday. It’s very cool that it’s happening this way!

Anyway, this is probably a lot of not-very-interesting rambling and I shall try to post something a little more interesting tomorrow. I might not have an excerpt, but I can perhaps put down a synopsis of sorts!


Thank you, delightful readers, for making the traffic spike on the top of my blog page actually spike. It’s a beautiful sight. And I’m very grateful for your comments. The fact that you’re actually reading and taking enough of an interest to think about it and comment gives a big ol’ grin.

Now I’m quite tired, so I’m going to snuggle up in clean sheets (best. feeling. ever.) and tomorrow is another day of mandess!


3 thoughts on “Words galore

  1. Emily says:

    I find it easier to write here than leave you a NaNoMail – plus it’s more productive for web hits/traffic/etc.

    24k words? Holy crap! I thought hitting 20k was pretty epic of me. (Also, you’re a crazy woman yourself. This is a heck of a lot of writing and you’re almost double the target word count!) I must say, I’m envious that you’re enjoying your story. I’m hating mine and know it’s bad – so I’m refusing to let anyone read it until after I butcher it into something reasonably sized :D

    How about we do an exchange of shame sometime in December and I’ll show you my rough draft – therefore confirming that the reason why my word count is so high is because it’s a lot of crap ^^.

  2. Anna says:

    I’m so proud of you! Keep on going, you’re doing so well! And, you know, you could totally let me proof-read some stuff. With no background in writing, I’d make the perfect “average reader” test-subject! *Nodnod*

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