Plotting Problems

Today I have made a doodle on a page of my notes that looks quite a lot like a black snail. A slim black snail. He probably works out a lot to impress the snail ladies, since his tentacle horn things are pretty short. You have to compensate for these things, y’know.

I’ve also written some words, but not an impresive amount, and I suspect my doodle is all in all of better quality than the words I’ve put down. I had a vague hope of reaching 15k today, but hah. Among other, less productive things, I’ve had to do some plotting today. I know what I want from my characters, and I know to some extent where I want them to end up. What I struggled with was filling the gap with, like, stuff. So some serious thinking had to be done, and I’ve gotten further down the road at least. I got up to a certain point and decided I might as well just try to write up to that point and see what happens. The novel is in part evolving while I’m writing so I don’t want to sketch out too much only to have to change and rework things. I like it better this way. It feels more organic.

Honestly, I’ve never actually plotted before. Not really. I’ve written shorts for the most part and I’ve known almost all of what I wanted from them before I began writing. Or I knew a specific scene and everything else fell into place around it. Plots have been a great fear for me because I suspect I’m not very good at it. So I’m proud that I’m actually doing it! My novel does have a plot (which is a good sign, no?), I just hope I can present it in a way that’s fun and interesting. We shall see!


Also, Comptine D’un Autre Ete by Yann Tiersen from the Amelie soundtrack is like the best instrumental song ever. At least at the moment.


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