Day 14 – Week 3

So I finally sat my ass down in my chair, put on my music and opened a fresh document to get cracking on chapter 11. I thought through how my last chapter ended and what had happened before it and realized – with some horror – that I have no idea where to take it next.

Okay, I have some idea. But only a vague “hey, that would be cool!” and nothing to actually work with. Nor do I currently have any purpose behind the next step apart from aforementioned “that’d be cool” feeling. So I think some plotting is needed again. I knew I would come to this point, I should have seen it when I stopped writing yesterday. But I didn’t. The most frustrating part is that since I hit 30k on Friday I’ve barely written anything. The story is far from finished so I shouldn’t be slacking like this. I took Saturday off completely, and yesterday I just filled my quota of approximately 1600 words.

It’s week three now and while I’m still ahead of the curve it’s closing in on me pretty quickly considering I’m not doing any work. I suppose this is where I should leave the internet alone and stare at my notebook until brilliance spills over it…


2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Week 3

  1. Emily says:

    *also having difficulty with where to take her story next*

    Tip: When you do break from the computer, don’t do fun things. Don’t excuse entertainment for “plotting” :P I’ve lost way too many hours to youtube or movies doing this and ended up in the exact position I was in – except without that extra time.

    I find physical things help me the most. A walk, some crunches, even just doing dishes.

    When all that fails? Change the music you’re listening to. I don’t know if it’s psychological or what but it helps me break the mental cycle.

    • After procrastinating the rest of the evening I finally asked Boyfriend to read my newest chapters. Since I wasn’t on speaking terms with my novel no matter what I tried to do or plot seemed to work. He read it, reassured me of some things, pointed out a flaw I knew was there though it’s not major, and we discussed where it should go next.

      Writing is a solitary profession but I -need- sounding boards or I will just throw in the towel.

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