Slow going

I seem to have completely lost my momentum. It’s incredibly frustrating! I also just felt first-hand how much the word count on the NaNo-site actually counts toward motivation. It’s bugged currently, so my graph and “words written today” section don’t update. The main one, which is also here on the blog, updates, but the graph is far more satisfying to look at. And since it’s past midnight, I suppose my count will just have to stay screwed up for the day. It’s very frustrating. And I lost what little motivation I had to write.

It also doesn’t help that I can’t find a good way to end this chapter. I want to move on to the next one, but it seems I’m stuck on filling this one with drivel until the “cliffhanger” fits in more naturally than it does now. I wanted to have a scene to post here but it’s taking me forever to get to that point.

Writing his hard, man.

I’ve also been a bit distracted since I cleverly decided this was a good time to pick up the Game of Thrones book, the first in George RR Martin’s series. It’s an extremely good book, and I’m surprised at how true to it the TV-series actually is.

Now, to try and keep at this damnable chapter until I have something fun to write, and not go read. But reading is so much easier than writing!


One thought on “Slow going

  1. Emily says:

    1) Reading while writing is a death sentence for me. At best, I merely absorb the author’s tone/style and I then have to revise it out later. At worse, their characters get trapped in my head and their setting is so evocative that I lose the subtle flavor of my own creation. It takes me longer to find it and I begin to doubt that my story can rival what I just read (good ol’ self-defeating internal artist!).

    2) We’re coming to the end of NaNo – this is a good time to quickly skim what you have to refresh yourself of what’s going on, and get back into it. You might not actually finish your story by the end of the month, but I think you can certainly hit 50k words over the next 10 days. Gogo!

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