Getting back on the horse

I do actually know that this whole writing business requires that you actually, y’know, write. I wish I knew exactly what it is that makes it so hard to do. Butt In Chair seems like a simple enough requirement, right? Currently I’m indulging the illusion that once we move to a bigger place and I have a room for myself it will be easier to focus. Way too many distractions around.

Today I did however finally print the NaNo draft. It took an eternity. Our printer is some sort of fossil and it’s not entirely capable of containing its ink spillage nor hold much paper.

There was a distinct moment of panic where I thought I had lost three or four chapters.

Turned out I hadn’t. But wow. The sheer panic at the thought of all that work lost…


My first beta reader received the unfinished and unedited manuscript today. It’s an anxious thing, giving it up for someone else to judge it. However, I think I can safely say I am my own harshest critic. And at least I am taking some steps forward, among them reading the manuscript myself and making notes. Which will start right about…




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