Adventures in editing

I’m not really sure what type of editing I’m currently undertaking. Copy editing seems somewhat accurate, i.e fixing the formatting and style rather than mucking with the contents. I’m making notes where a paragraph seems out of place, sentences read awkwardly and crossing out superfluous adjectives (there’s a few).

However, since this is the first time I’m reading through it I’m finding a lot of things that need work. Not necessarily big things, just additions and clarifications that I didn’t bother with during the speed-writing that is NaNoWriMo. But there are some big things, too. I find that it makes editing a bit awkward. Yesterday I decided that I needed to insert an extra scene in the middle of a chapter to add more depth and urgency to the story, which made it difficult to continue editing the rest of that chapter since I don’t actually know which bits I’ll be keeping.


It’s entirely possible I’m doing this the wrong way. That I should stop and rewrite the bits immediately rather than insist on editing through the entire thing before getting to work. Honestly – I have no idea what I’m doing.

But it’s fun. I don’t think a lot of professional writers will say that editing is fun, so I best hold on to that while it lasts!


3 thoughts on “Adventures in editing

  1. No, that sounds alright. That’s what our copywriter at work does too on large chunks of text. There’s creative writing and technical writing and depending on your niche it depends which one you find most fun I suppose. I’d go for pointing out the overall stuff first, do that and from there on narrow down searches, because you might end up caught in details too quick if else, or find out too late that you didn’t need to do that small thing after all because the big thing really needed doing first anyways.

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