Writing Festival

So, during a session of procrastination, I was browsing some UK publishers and looking at which ones I might be able to approach in the future. Orion Books had a page full of links for writers that seemed interesting and after clicking around I found the Writer’s Workshop. It’s a very exciting website for aspiring authors and is full of things that can help you on your way. I recommend that aspiring authors check it out, and also sign up for the community forums.

While browsing I found out that there is such a thing as the Writers’ Workshop Festival of Writing and that it is hosted annually in York. I live in York!
It looks like a fantastic weekend with workshops and panels where you can ask questions to industry professionals. Agents, publishing executives and authors come together to mingle. It seems like an opportunity of a lifetime to me. The one thing that looks exceptionally exciting is the one-on-one session you can book with a “book doctor” or an agent or a combination thereof. Basically, you send in your novel before August 17th to give them a chance to read it, and at the event you get the opportunity to sit down with them and get live feedback. I don’t know anywhere else where you can get something like that.

Unfortunately it’s very expensive. I did contact them, however, to ask if there was an arrangement for those of us who actually live in York that may want to attend as well. All the prices on the website are inclusive of accomodation and meals, and it seemed rather silly to me to have to pay for on-site accomodation when I live about fifteen minutes from the event.

I got a reply today that such an arrangement can be made and the price for the full weekend can be reduced to as much as £325. Which is still a lot of money. Currently unemployed, it seems like an unattainable goal to reach before August.

With this added motivation I will just have to try even harder to get a job, and fast. I also need to get writing on the next 30-40k of my book so I can at least dream of having it ready by August.

Does anyone have any advice on saving money or, do I have some filthy rich readers who are just aching to give away some donations?


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