I’m finding it a very strange, nice and fascinating coincidence that after a heart-felt conversation with Boyfriend earlier I decide to check Magical Words and there’s a blog on a topic that we just discussed.

While I know that any such problem is only theoretical as I don’t even have a manuscript ready for pitching, and even if I do become successful something like this is far into the future, I do occasionally think about it. “It” being book tours, signings and that kind of thing, things you really should do to promote your book. What does a poor introvert do with oneself in that situation?

Mindy Klasky writes about it in a short blog, but it soothes me nonetheless to learn that there are people who struggle with similar issues and they cope. If they can, so can I. With a bit of practice, of course.


One thought on “Coinkidink?

  1. calmharding says:

    If only all problems were blogged about on the internets! Glad to see your spirits are a little higher! :) <3

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