A (new) 30 Day Challenge!

One that I’ll possibly actually do this time, maybe sort of hopefully.

A few days ago my good friend Intermittante posted on her blog about one of these (in)famous 30 Day Challenges that she had found. Every day you write a letter to an imaginary subject – each day has a different subject and theme. She debated whether or not it was something to do and I said if she’d do it, I’d do it to.

Today she posted her first Challenge – Letter to an inanimate object I hate, so I suppose it’s my turn. I’m not 100% sure I will have the time to do it within a reasonable timeframe today, but it WILL happen!

It’s actually a fun and creative project intended to get you writing. Image

30 days of writing, sound familiar to anyone? If I could do it in November, surely I can do it now.

Have faith.



Edit: It might be useful to myself and others who might want to try this out to put the list of topics for the 30 days on here. Better late than never, right? ;)


day 1. A letter to an inanimate object you hate.
day 2. A letter to a dinosaur.
day 3. A letter to a movie character
day 4. A letter to someone you want to kick in the face expressing why you want to kick them in the face
day 5. A letter to a celebrity you want to kick in the face
day 6. A HEARTFELT letter to some food
day 7. A letter to a historical event
day 8. A letter to a giant space robot
day 9. A letter to the coolest person you’ve never met
day 10. A letter to an alien race.
day 11. A letter to your last bowel movement
day 12. A letter to a mythological creature
day 13. A letter to a word you don’t like
day 14. A letter to a word you love
day 15. A letter to your crotch.
day 16. A letter to your bed
day 17. A letter to a video game character
day 18. A letter to a website that ruined your life
day 19. A letter to an animal you like
day 20. A letter to an animal you think is fucking stupid
day 21. A letter to something you’ve owned for 5 years+
day 22. A letter to something you want to fuck
day 23. A letter to the drug of your choice.
day 24. A letter to one of your body parts
day 25. A letter to Gary Busey
day 26. A letter to the future cyborg version of you
day 27. A letter to band that really needs to break up
day 28. A letter to a movie you hate
day 29. A letter to a letter you’ve written
day 30. A letter to a bowl of fruit


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