About the Author

At 20-something I am finally becoming confident enough to really start walking that path toward getting published. “Confident” might be a bit too strong. “Impatient”, “eager” and “stubbornly pursuing” might all be more fitting phrases.

The purpose of this blog is first of all to apply a giant kick up my own rear. Secondly, I would love it if people read it and were interested or inspired by the content. Thirdly, a blog provides me with a wonderful excuse to relish in my favorite pastime: procrastinating!

This blog will focus on the processes I’m going through; from the small meltdowns over blank Word-screens to the big questions of publishing and cover-letters, the aim is for this blog to follow the progress of aspiring author to author. Hopefully, more people will take part and make this blog a journey we can all learn something from.

Join me!


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