30 Day Disney Challenge – Day 1 and disclaimer

So in my random browsing a couple of days ago I saw a few blogs doing the 30 Day Disney Challenge. Then I found it on tumblr and Facebook, too, and realized it was a thing. I thought: hmm, why not?

It has nothing to do with the general subject and theme of this blog so in that respect it might be a terrible idea, but on the other hand it’s a subject I can talk about and if it gets me writing some stuff, why not? Plus, daily posts.

I thought maybe I’ll try to post a Disney challenge per day and make a seperate post on the same day about something author-y related as well so that the blog doesn’t become some sort of bizarre fansite and everyone forgets about the writing thing.

Oh and just so we’re clear, I have by no means seen all Disney movies ever made. I’ll probably only focus on the animated ones, since I’ve seen a very limited number of the live-action movies.

Anywho, disclaimer taken care of, let’s kick this off!

Day #1: Your favorite character

Oh dear. That’s a tough nut since I have an extreme fondness for a lot of characters. Mostly male, I think, since Disney women are… let’s not go there. Not for this one at least.

Just to list a few of my favorites:

  • Beast in Beauty in the Beast. Not the adrogynous princeling he turns into at the end, the actual Beast. Also, click that link and tell me that poster isn’t gorgeous. I require that poster, framed, on my wall.
  • Aladdin from, well, Aladdin.His character of a boyish dreamer who is a bit of a rascal with a good heart has inspired so many of my roleplaying characters over the years. Probably not just mine, either.
  • Pretty much everyone in Bolt. Well, the animals at least. The nerdy fanboy Hamster, the cat, Bolt himself, and certainly the pigeons… amazing. I love them all.
  • Mulan – hey, a female! She’s still a bit simplistic but she’s by far one of the more complex female characters to my memory. And a lot of us girls can relate to the theme of not feeling like we belong in the frame that soceity expects us to fit into.
  • A bunch of characters again in Tangled.Flynn (who, for me and Boyfriend, will forever be known as Zylvaer. Don’t ask — or do, in the comments!). Maximus, the psychopathic horse. And perhaps most of all for me, Mother Gothel, the villain.

Lots of characters I know and love that I’ve not mentioned. Let’s call this a top 10. More or less.

If I have to pick a favorite I think I have to go with Aladdin. Because… well, I have to choose one and come on, who doesn’t love this face?