30 Day Challenge – Day 2: A Letter to a Dinosaur

Dear Lord Dinosaur,
First off I would like to apologize for the tardiness of my letter to you, I know you expected it a few days ago. I’ve been confined to my bed in the throes of illness, but for the moment I feel well enough to type out some words to you. Do you know what it’s like to be sick? In Jurassic Park some members of your species are shown being sick, including a sneezing cold! Is it accurate?


I’m a big fan. Not, you know, as big as you, but a biiiig fan.

I don’t honestly remember when this happened, so it must have been fairly early in my childhood. I remember almost the exact moment that I became engrossed with astronomy but I believe my passion for your kind entered my life even earlier. If I had to guess I think my fascination began as I read about a tiny prehistoric horse, the Eohippus which I knew it as, or Hyracotherium which is the actual scientific name. While not a dinosaur, I can vividly recall being extremely fascinated looking at drawings of this tiny animal and imagining how it evolved into the modern horse. From there I was sold on paleontology.

Artist’s rendition of the tiny pre-historic horse, Eohippus.

And, of course, the animated film Land Before Time had so much to do with it as well. Crying along with poor orphaned Littlefoot and staring wide-eyed at the beautifully rendered pre-historic landscapes all made me hungry to know about these animals. I quickly learned that the reality for dinosaurs wasn’t quite as cute and colorful as most of the cartoon tried to convince us but a lot more like the first few minutes of the film with loss and solitude and a harsh environment.

So much of the beauty I find in the entirety of your complex and vast species, Lord Dinosaur, is in your perseverance. While the K-T extinction event might have knocked out most of you and shattered your diversity, you’re still here! And that, my Lord, is why I’m still in awe of you today. Whenever I see a new article discussing a new find or theory of evolution, I throw myself at it with the same childlike glee as ever.

Your loyal fan,